Our Story

Brief history

Shotz Sports Nutrition originally started out as Carboshotz back in 1995. An energy gel in semi-fluid, liquid/gel form in three flavours banana, cola and lemon/lime was the first product to carry the Carboshotz name. The easy to consume, liquid/gel consistency and gentle on the stomach formula was popular right from the start. 

A sports drink was introduced in 2002 as a liquid concentrate. It was called Carbolyte and boasted a 6% carbohydrate solution with a standard electrolyte composition. With this product, we made the mistake of doing what everyone else was doing, which is what we advise athletes not to do when planning a nutrition strategy. We soon realised our mistake and not being able to address the individual needs of the athlete our focus centred around developing a sports drink that wasn't a one size fits all solution, but one that could be customised to suit a specific physiological makeup and one that allowed the athlete to change the volume of fluid they consumed depending on the weather conditions. 

After a long and exhaustive process 2005 saw the introduction of the Shotz Electrolyte Tablet and a name change to Shotz Sports Nutrition. We had the products to supply calories to keep athletes fuelled, now we had an electrolyte tablet that allowed us to address the individual needs of athletes who had different sweat rates and different sodium concentrations in their sweat. The athlete could now alter the volume of fluid they consumed based on their own physiological makeup and the changing weather conditions. The athlete was no longer locked in to a preset volume of fluid, with a preset amount of calories, with a preset electrolyte composition.

For our companies next chapter and expansion we wanted to capture the spirit of athletes in endurance and extreme sports. So our new name KODA™ is a play on words - with Coda being a musical term for reaching the end or the finish, and Kona being a place we have personally witnessed the battle of the elements, body, and mind. We’re really excited to make our products and education available to more markets and customers in the years ahead.

What we are.

We are a sports nutrition company developing and manufacturing sports nutrition products that have a low sensory impact and are as gentle on the stomach as possible. All very important attributes for athletes wanting to perform at their best and not get held back by stomach issues. 

What we are not.

We are not a marketing company, which is an important consideration when choosing products for your sport in an industry dominated by marketing companies.

It is important to know the difference.