“During a marathon I usually consume 3 x KODA Energy Gels, which are spaced out around every 50 minutes. Depending on the course, sometimes I might take 4 x KODA Energy Gels. I make sure to save my caffeinated energy gel for the last 10km”.

“In a half marathon or when I am in preparation for a marathon, I consume 2 x KODA Energy Gels normally around 8km and 16km mark. Not only do I feel that I can finish off the back end of the run stronger, but I always feel much better the day after. My experience is that I always recover better having used the KODA Energy Gels during my longer runs. It simply comes down to the fact that I have not depleted my internal fuel stores to the extent that I would have without the gels”.

“There are a number of reasons that I use KODA Energy Gels. They are not sickly sweet and the consistency makes them easy to consume. They are very gentle on my stomach and don’t contain fructose, which I have realised has been the reason for stomach problems when using other brands in the past. KODA have non-caffeinated and caffeinated gels so it’s easy to plan my intake during the run. I don’t want to take caffeine too early in the run, I want to save it for when the mental fatigue hits and I need to silence my negative thoughts”.

“This is what I have found works best for me. It’s taken me a little while to get it right but it definitely makes a difference when you do”.

If this is your first marathon or you’re a seasoned runner, here are some tips that might help in the lead up to your next race and to get you across the finish line:

Preparation – focus on consuming carbohydrate based foods in the days leading up to race day to ensure your skeletal muscle glycogen stores are topped up. For those of you looking to post a fast time your main energy fuel source will be your circulating blood glucose and stored skeletal muscle glycogen. It’s especially important to eat a meal containing carbohydrates like pasta, potato, rice or bread etc the night before your race.

Race Day Preparation – the general rule is not to change what you normally have for breakfast. If your normal breakfast generally sits well on your stomach then no need to make any changes. Those of you who have difficulty consuming breakfast before a race it’s a good idea to take a KODA Energy Gel around 10 minutes before the start. This ensures you are starting with some circulating blood glucose for the muscles to access for energy.

During Race – Milly has provided us with some information on when she takes KODA Energy Gels during a half marathon. How often you take a KODA Energy Gel will depend on how fast you are running and how efficient your digestive system is. The fact is we are all very different when it comes to how often we need to fuel and this comes down to our very unique physiological makeup. As a guide you would take a KODA Energy Gel between every 35 – 50 minutes.

Post Race – Recovery comes in many different forms. Hydrate well after your race with water and sodium, which are the two most critical components to hydrating properly. Take protein to assist in the rebuilding and repair of muscles damaged during your half marathon. Just add water to a scoop of KODA Protein Powderin your drink bottle for fast recovery. Sit down to a nice nutritious meal with carbohydrate, good fats and protein to make sure all your recovery aspects are covered.