We wanted to share some news with you regarding changes the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have made regarding products that are presented in tablet form.

As of 30 November 2023, all manufacturers of tablets (including effervescent tablets) are now required to obtain a TGA licence, as all tablets will now be listed under the new legislation as a 'medicine'.

Before the fire destroyed our previous contract manufacturer's factory in July 2020, this would have been a rather simple transition, given they had a TGA licence. However, due to the need to switch to an alternative manufacturer, who is currently going through the process to obtain a TGA licence, we're now in the midst of a lengthy process to secure the licence. At this stage it is looking like some time in 2024.

Unfortunately, this means there will be a gap between the 30th November 2023 when the legislation changes and when we have confirmation of a new TGA licence when we can sell KODA Electrolyte Tablets again.

With KODA Electrolyte Tablets now sold out, we have introduced the KODA Electrolyte Powder Stick Packs as an alternative hydration solution and a product not requiring TGA approval . These Stick Packs have the same formulation as KODA Electrolyte Tablets and are packaged in individually with a formulation that dissolves instantly. These are currently available 5 refreshing flavours including a handy 50 Mixed Pack.

Thank you for your understanding and please reach out if you have any questions or queries.